Basaltic Kitchens is honored to have been a trade partner in the building process of your new home. We know that kitchen and vanity cabinets are a major component in your home’s appeal, and we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the finished product installed. 

To keep your cabinets in showroom condition, it is especially important to note that proper care and maintenance is required. Basaltic Kitchens has included valuable information  in this brochure, that will help ensure the stability and life of your cabinetry and its finish. 

General Care, Maintenance & Precautions

Our products are built to provide you with many years of enjoyment, and it is important to always use the best care and follow proper maintenance instructions to ensure you get the most out of them. Please remember that no matter what products you have purchased, heat and moisture are two major hazards to be aware of. Always remember to wipe off excess moisture off doors and laminated counter tops including floors where gables and kickplates make contact. Excessive moisture will cause finishes to peel and wood to swell. Also be careful with heat sources, such as kettles, toasters, oven, and base heaters as excessive heat can also cause cabinet components to swell and cause irreversible damage. Avoid when cleaning spills avoid using any abrasive or corrosive cleaning products.

Cabinet Hardware Maintenance

Over a period and under normal use, cabinet doors may become misaligned. This is normal and not a defect in the product. To correct this concern, please use the easy adjustment screws on the hinge to adjust a door. Always be aware that excess pressure from leaning on or hanging onto cabinet doors may compromise the hinge connection and tear the hinge plate off the cabinet, so please always take care when opening and closing doors. Our standard drawer slide has a weight capacity rating of approximately 45 pounds, so it is important to never overload drawers, roll out shelves and adjustable shelves beyond their capacity. Excessive weight from heavy items may cause the drawers and roll out shelves to malfunction and may even cause the drawer slides or shelf supports to fail.

Care of Thermofoil Cabinets and Melamine Finishes 

Thermofoil and Melamine products can be easily cleaned using a dampened soft cloth and dried immediately with another dry soft cloth. As with any quality products, certain precautions should be taken to preserve their appearance. Never use chemical products such as thinners, bleaches, or any cleaning product containing solvents or abrasives. It is especially important to avoid products containing acetone. Make sure to avoid scratching or striking with a sharp object as irreparable damage will result.
Always pull toasters, kettles, rice cookers, and other heat sources from underneath the upper cabinet doors when in use. De-lamination will result if these surfaces are exposed to extreme heat and this will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty.

Care of Wood and MDF Cabinet Doors

Wood and MDF cabinet doors require special care and attention. Excessive water can be extremely hazardous to the lacquer finish. To clean, please use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe down the finished wood, making sure that no excess water remains and dry immediately with a clean dry cloth. Wood and MDF products damaged by excess moisture, incidental deteriorations such as nicks, scratches, abrasions, and typical wear from normal use during the standard life of the product are not covered under warranty.

Care of Laminate Countertops

Laminate surfaces can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution. Note that laminate surface joints(seams) can be damaged by direct exposure to water. Therefore, to clean the surface, apply the cleanser to a damp cloth instead of directly to the countertop surface. Never use abrasives or corrosive cleaning products. It is very important to never let water or other liquids remain on or near laminate countertop joints or sink connections, as separation and swelling of the laminate and substrate will occur. If any accidental spills occur, then wipe and dry the countertop quickly to avoid damage. Never leave wet rags, cloths or any moisture generating appliances over the laminated countertop joints as well.

Damage to laminate joints due to moisture are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Limited Warranty

Basaltic Kitchens warrants its cabinetry and laminated countertops to be free of defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date you take possession of your new home. Our warranty fully complies with builder and Tarion warranty guidelines. If a product is found to be defective upon inspection by an authorized representative, the defective part will be repaired or replaced without charge. This warranty obligation is a limited warranty and is for the repair or replacement only. Any negligence or failure to properly care for or care maintain our product may void our warranty.

Effects of Environmental Conditions and Ambient Environment

Seasonal changes can result in movement of your home which may affect the alignment of your cabinet doors and drawers. All hardware hinges and drawer mounts are adjustable and fine-tuning over time may be required. The silicone sealant along the back of your countertop, the joints on the crown molding and the light valance may also be susceptible to wall movement but in most cases, it will return to its original position seasonally.

Please note that seasonal changes and temperature variations will impact the relative humidity levels in your home. All-natural wood products are sensitive to humidity conditions and fluctuations in the home may result in irreversible damage if not attended to. One of the first signs of low humidity is the shrinkage of the center panel in wood cabinet doors and/or joints, which may expose a visible unfinished line. Extreme dryness can also cause cracking, splitting, and/or warping. High humidity levels may cause doors to warp, gables, and crown joints to swell. Sunlight and smoke in the home can also cause damages to your cabinets.

The use of de-humidifiers, humidifiers or a/c units may be required to maintain a proper environment. Many new homes now have a humidity control system installed. Please read the manufacturer’s manual on the proper operation of your system and purchase a hygrometer to provide you relative humidity readings in your home.

Restrictions to the Warranty

Our warranty does not cover or apply in the following circumstances:

  • Natural Characteristics: No tree is perfect nor identical, natural variations in wood (aging, wood knots, inherent growth characteristics) are part of the beauty of a natural wood product, construction joints and potential variances in wood absorption cannot be prevented and all are not considered a defect.
  • Relative humidity levels of 40% to 50% should be maintained inside the home to prevent any permanent damage, wood expands as humidity increased and shrinks as humidity decreases. Excessively low or high humidity levels will cause damage not covered by the warranty.
  • Physical transformations or alterations that occur to the product due to natural inherent wood characteristics that expose the product to changes in grain patterns, finish, or other transformations that may arise due to factors which may include, but are not limited to ambient environmental variables such as; sunlight or artificial lighting, extreme temperatures, humidity, poor ventilation, contact with water, and normal wear and tear.
  • Variances in manually applied finishes.
  • Crown moldings installed on cabinets over 8’-10’ in length will require joint(s) due to the limitation of this particular piece’s length availability and the type of material. These joints/seams will be visible and this is not a defect.
  • Basaltic Kitchens products which have been handled, modified, or repaired by persons not employed, approved, or authorized by Basaltic Kitchens.
  • Any damages caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alterations, improper handling, lack of precaution, care, or normal maintenance during use, storage or installation, non-residential use, wear, and tear. Product is subjected to abnormal use, abuse, e.g.: Heating/Cooling vents are placed under or in front of a cabinet.
  • Damage to countertops due to chemical burns, hot pots, abrasive cleansers, knife marks, or any form of water damage.